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JU At A Glance

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JU at a glance

Why the Jagiellonian University?

  • ranked best in PolandCollegium Novum in winter
  • academic and employer reputation
  • proud to offer a broad range of degree programmes and summer schools
  • characterised by openness and high academic standards
  • participating in large scale projects and networks
  • striving for excellence in teaching and research
  • leading grant winner and successful in patent applications
  • promoting interdisciplinarity and internationalisation
  • exchanging academics and students accredited in federal and national aid programmes
  • assisting students in all kinds of practical matters
  • providing entertainment and sports activities
  • sharing knowledge, experience and friendship

  • nearly 660 years of academic tradition
  • 16 faculties
  • 4 campuses with state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • over 36,000 students, including 1890 PhD students
  • 3,194 international students and PhD students from over 100 nationalities
  • more than 8,700 employees, including over 4,700 academics
  • 188 international academic teachers
  • 35 faculty libraries
  • Jagiellonian Library - a public library, both a university library and a part of the Polish national library system – 5 million books and publications
  • 168 study programmes
  • 4 university hospitals
  • top rated in rankings of Polish universities
  • one of the most popular university in Poland among Erasmus+ international students
  • national leader in international co-operation
  • nearly 75% of the graduated find employment within three months of obtaining their diplomas
  • best medical faculties in Poland
  • one of the most innovative university in Poland and Eastern Europe
  • Collegium Maius – the oldest university building (1400 AD), currently housing a museum with unique historical items, including scientific apparatus

The Jagiellonian University comprises 16 faculties...

...the world-famous Medical College...

logo of Jagiellonian University Medical College

JU Medical College (JU MC) is formed by three faculties: Faculty of Medicine (established in 1364, it is Poland’s oldest unit educating physicians), Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Health Sciences.

JU MC is an heir to the long tradition in educating highly-specialised medical personnel for the whole of the healthcare system. Its highest standards in teaching, research, and clinical activity are additionally motivated by its status of the oldest educational institution in Poland.

...and 4 campuses throughout the city

  • The First Campus located in Kraków’s old town, with two most significant buildings: Collegium Novum and Collegium Maius (facilities of the Faculties: Law and Administration, Philosophy, Polish Studies, Medicine, Health Sciences);
  • The Second Campus with the Jagiellonian Library and the Auditorium Maximum (facilities of the Faculties: International and Political Studies, Philology);
  • The Third Campus, called the Campus of the 600th Anniversary of the Jagiellonian University Revival (facilities of the Faculties: Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science; Mathematics and Computer Science; Chemistry; Biology; Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology; Geography and Geology; Management and Social Communication as well as SOLARIS, MCB, JCET);
  • The Fourth Campus with medical facilities (Faculty of Pharmacy, the University Hospital, University Children's Hospital).

Promoting interdisciplinarity and internationalisation, JU has been involved in various international co-operation activities: research and educational projects, faculty and student exchange within bilateral agreementsErasmus+Programme, SYLFF, summer schools, networks, innovation and technology transfer as well as diverse scholarship schemes.

The Jagiellonian University is an active participant of many international co-operation networks, such as:  

The Jagiellonian University is not only about studying and research. Follow JU Events calendar and stay tuned for all events planned for the nearest future. It is also worth your while to visit on the fascinating JU Museums.