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Strategy and Action Plan

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Strategy and Action Plan - development process

The HR Strategy for the Jagiellonian University Researchers was developed in 2016 and submitted for evaluation to the European Commission as one of the stages in the HRS4R Award (previously HR logo) process. 

The Strategy outlined priority areas where actions were required to ensure that existing procedures, regulations and practices complied with the EC guidelines. The strategy provided a roadmap for further improvement of University internal processes.

The Strategy and the related Action Plan (adopted for 2016-2020 and updated in 2020) were formulated building upon the analysis of the researchers’ needs and the gaps identified in reference to the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

In May 2021, the University adopted the new Jagiellonian University 2030 Strategy , which defines the mission, vision, objectives and directions of development for the years 2021-2030. The strategy attaches particular importance to objectives and activities aimed at developing a researcher-friendly environment. The responsibilities and obligations arising from the Human Resource Excellence in Research Award granted to the University are directly reflected in the provisions of the Strategy and constitute its core.

The Working Group, established in April 2021 for the implementation of the European Charter for Researchers, has updated the Action Plan for the next two years. Modifications have been introduced, including those resulting from The Jagiellonian University Strategy 2030 adopted by the Senate as well as the objectives of the Excellence Initiative – Research University Programme.

An interim review survey was conducted in May 2023 to assess the degree of implementation of the Charter and Code principles and diagnose potential gaps. Based on the results of the survey, recommendations for action were made and an Action Plan for 2023-2026 was developed.
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Action Plan for 2021-2023