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JU values

Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

JU values

The academic community of the University follows the principles set out in The Academic Code of Values ​​and The Jagiellonian University Strategy 2030. The Code and Strategy define and promote the standards, norms and values ​​of conduct in all areas of the university's activity.

Universal values:

  • Truth
  • Good
  • Beauty

Academic values:

  • University autonomy
  • Freedom of research and education
  • Integrity of research and education
  • Responsibility in the sphere of research and education

Social values:

  • Plus Ratio Quam Vis
  • Dialogue
  • Openness
  • Activity
  • Cooperation
  • Solidarity
  • Accessibility


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Rector’s Permanent Committee for Research Staff

The key tasks of the Committee for Research Staff include:

  1. developing recommendations about best practices in the field of HR policy at the Jagiellonian University, regarding in particular:
  2. principles of recruitment, employment and promotion of academic teachers in different groups of employees: teaching, research as well as research and teaching,
  3. shaping academic career paths;
  4. developing principles of a personnel strategy in relation to academic teachers as well as activities aimed at increasing the attractiveness of working conditions;
  5. cooperating with the Ombudsperson for Academic Rights and Values ​​as well as with other entities in the field of developing ethical standards applicable at the Jagiellonian University.

Rector’s Permanent Committee for Research

The work of the Committee for Research is aimed at:

  1. developing solutions to improve the quality of scientific research conducted at the Jagiellonian University;
  2. creating a coherent research ecosystem, taking into account the relations among JU organizational units, discipline councils and doctoral schools;
  3. preparing the University for the evaluation of research activity;
  4. developing a strategy for sharing the results of research works;
  5. promoting forms of research activity, including that in the area of ​​project acquisition.

Committee for Intellectual Property

Committee for Intellectual Property is responsible for:

  1. creating internal regulations regarding intellectual property management,
  2. initiating and giving opinions on the changes to the Regulations on intellectual property management as well as on the principles of commercialization at the Jagiellonian University,
  3. other activities undertaken in relation to intellectual property which are or may be the subject of University rights, ordered or approved by the University Rector.

The Regulations for the Management of Intellectual Property and Rules of Commercialization at the Jagiellonian University define, among others:

  • rights to intellectual property produced at the Jagiellonian University,
  • the procedure for submitting the results of research activity,
  • the rules regarding commercialization and the use of intellectual property at the Jagiellonian University,
  • rights and obligations related to the protection of research activity results.

Administrative support for the Committee is provided by Centre for Technology Transfer CITTRU.

Jagiellonian University Bioethics Committee

The Jagiellonian University Bioethics Committee operates in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister for Health and Social Welfare of 11 May 1999 on the detailed rules for setting up and financing of bioethics committees and the operating procedures for bioethics committees, and the Regulations of the Jagiellonian University Bioethics Committee. The task of the Committee is to issue opinions on the ethical and deontological aspects of planned research, including medical experiments and the use of new methods to save and preserve human health.

The Ombudsperson for Academic Rights and Values

The Ombudsperson for Academic Rights and Values has been operating at the Jagiellonian University since November 2020.

The Ombudsperson, guided by the principles of independence, impartiality and confidentiality, monitors violations of academic rights and values ​​at the Jagiellonian University, takes steps to prevent violations, and in the event of their occurrence, strives for an amicable settlement of disputes within the university community.

The Office of the Ombudsperson for Academic Rights and Values

The Accessibility Coordinator

The function of the Accessibility Coordinator was brought into being in May 2021.The basic tasks of the Accessibility Coordinator include the following:

to support people with special needs in accessing information, education, research and services provided by the university,

to monitor activities for the improvement and implementation of standards ensuring accessibility to people with special needs,

to initiate changes in internal regulations in order to ensure accessibility to people with special needs.

Currently, the function of the Accessibility Coordinator is performed by dr. hab. Hubert Kaszyński, prof. UJ of the JU Department of Applied Sociology and Social Work.